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About GuideGecko

GuideGecko: The Backpacker Guide for Southeast Asia

GuideGecko.com provides the latest travel tips for backpackers and independent travelers. Accurate and independent advice on where to go, what to see & do, how to get there, where to sleep, and much more. All you need to know to travel in Southeast Asia and beyond.

Visit our Online Travel Guides and check out our Apps and eBooks.

We also offer a popular Publishing Program for Apps and eBooks, and create apps for travel writers, agencies and guidebook publishers.

Our partners include Lonely Planet, CultureShock, the Sarawak Tourism Board, and many independent authors and publishers. With over 2000+ titles already available, we are the world's largest publishing portal for travel guides. Find out more.

We are based in Singapore.

9 Lorong 28 Geylang #06-14
Singapore 398414

Telephone: +65 94555974
Contact us at info@GuideGecko.com or use our contact form.

The People behind GuideGecko

Henry Minh Le Bui, Web Hacker

Henry is a software developer with a master degree in IT Management. Henry is from Vietnam, and in spite of being a technician, he enjoys traveling and shopping! Henry is a friendly soul, and his mantra is "I am here to make you happy". Umar stills wonders what that means.

Nabilah Husna A. Rahman, Travel Writer & Editor

Nabilah is a writer on the pursuit of adventure in the forms of travel, rock gigs, and stupendous amounts of coffee. Nabilah has seen a small fraction of the world and has since decided that it is very much worth spending all disposable income on traveling. She enjoys art, music and daydreaming of interstellar travel. Couchsurfing and going abroad on a budget is her style of choice so get tips, or share some!

Ruby Tan, Travel Writer & Editor

Ruby wants to live like a local in as many places in the world as possible. If that doesn't happen, a round the world trip before she turns 35 will keep her wanderlust satisfied enough. In the future, she wishes to own a lake house. She and her partner will relax and have picnics on the lake in a rowboat. Rainbow cupcakes with whipped cream and sprinkled with dark chocolate chips are a must on every trip out.

Shazana Roslan, Travel Writer & Editor

Shazana is a writer on the hunt for a beach paradise with a perfect swell for surfing. She studied Fashion Communication and has been bitten by the travel bug ever since. She dreams to marry a billionaire, become a jet setter and own a couple of islands. Otherwise she will find ways to get a one way ticket to Hawaii and make her way across the globe.

Umar Farooq, iPhone Hacker

Umar is a web guru with the spirit of a traveler. He is from the lively city of Lahore in Pakistann, and his best travel experience was to travel to the Himalayan mountain range. Umar is our expert for really-of-the-beaten-track destinations. Ask him anything you want to know about Pakistan or Afghanistan - travel related, of course.

Guido the Gecko, Travel Guru

Guido is the original travel guru. He was last seen in an Asian hostel, checking out the room next door. Guido always returns with loads of insider tips on the best things to see and so, the best food, shops, hotels and more. Watch out for him - and be friendly to your little Gecko!

Check our Media Center for more information - but bare with us: we rather keep our travel guides fresh than updating who has praised us where ;-). But thanks for the compliments, anyway!

If you really need to know something, you can always contact us directly.

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