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Wonosobo Travel Guide

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Wonosobo is a small regency and city in Central Java, Indonesia. Wonosobo lies between 2 mountains, Mount Sindoro and Mount Sumbing, and enjoys cool and humid weather all the time. Like any other small cities in Central Java, Wonosobo is very quiet, peaceful city, and the city life is practically ended at 6-7 pm.

The city's name is derived from Sanskrit Vanasabha, which means "gathering place in the forest". Wonosobo, as well as the other nearest city, Temanggung, is well-known for its tobacco and tea plantation. The view of tobacco and tea plantation will greet you upon entering the city. Situated in 270 m to 2250 m above sea level, Wonosobo region is also a perfect place for vegetables farming, with almost every vegetables known in groceries store are planted here.

in July and August, farmers in the outskirts of Wonosobo, especially Wonosobo-Temanggung border, will begin harvesting tobacco leaf. They will use street along the way to Wonosobo extensively to dry the tobacco leaf, and then transport it to the city. You will encounter slight traffic when you enter the city from Magelang.

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