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Vietnam Nightlife & Entertainment

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Watch out for ice in drinks. Factory-made ice is generally safe, but anything else can be suspect.


Drinking in a vietnamese bar is a great experience. One of the interesting things is that during the day, it is almost impossible to see a bar anywhere. Once the sun goes down though, dozens seem to appear out of nowhere on the streets.


Don't miss out on draught beer made daily. It's available throughout Vietnam, mostly from small bars on street corners. Bia hoi bars will give you the opportunity to relax drinking in a typical Vietnamese bar surrounded by the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Every traveler can easily find these bars to experience what the locals are enjoying.
The beer is brewed daily and each bar gets a fresh batch delivered every day in plastic jugs. It's a very light (3% alcohol) refreshing lager at a fraction of the cost of draft or bottled beer in the Western-style bars. Bia hoi is not always made in sanitary conditions and its making is not monitored by any health agency. Though fun for the novelty factor, this beer produces awful hangovers. Sticking with bia chai (bottled beer) is much more advisable.

Wine and liquor

Vietnamese "ruou de" or rice alcohol (ruou means alcohol) is served in tiny porcelain cups often with candied fruit or pickles. It's commonly served to male guests and visitors. Vietnamese women don't drink much alcohol, well at least in public. It's not recommended for tourists.

Dating back to French colonial times, Vietnam adopted a tradition of viticulture. Dalat is the center of the winelands, and you can get extremely good red and white wine for about $2-3US, however this is very hard to find. Most wine is Australian that is served in restaurants and you will be charged Australian prices as well making wine comparatively quite expensive compared to drinking beer or spirits.

Coconut wine

This is special Vietnam wine. This wine is made by traditional material and coconut form natural. Copra of coconut can purify Aldhyt in rice wine which cause your headache and tied. You feel free to drink a health to somebody.

Rice spirt and local Vodka is incredibly cheap in Vietnam by western standards. Russian Champagne is also quite available. When at Nha Trang, look for the 'all you can drink' boat trips for around $10-$15 for an all day trip and party with on board band.

Fruit juice

Coconut water is a favorite in the hot southern part of the country. Sugar cane juice, is served from distinctive metal carts with a crank-powered sugar cane stalk crushers that release the juice. 


Another popular drink among locals and tourists alike is the coffee. Be sure to ask for the local Vietnamese coffee instead of those imported from France or Italy, as it has a unique taste and is often of higher quality than the imported varieties despite the lower prices.

Do be careful when drinking locally prepared coffee as the locals tend to drink it incredibly strong with about 4 teaspoons of sugar per cup. As milk is hard to come by outside of the tourist hotels, it is also often served black or with sweetened condensed milk. Definitely an aquired taste.

Some say Vietnamese coffee is over roasted/burnt beans. If you are picky, bring your own coffee.

Places to Go Out in Vietnam

Bar Highlands Coffee
Located on 3rd floor in a ship shaped 5 storey building overlooking Hoan Kiem Lake and Vietnam's "Piccadilly Circus". Great spot to relax in scenic location where you can watch all the traffic and pedestrians go about their business below you along... more
in Hanoi
Bar Green Lake (Ho Guom Xanh)
A crowded bar with weekly performances by popular local singers. A place for the definitive Vietnamese entertainment scene. Has an 80,000VND cover charge on the weekends. Seems to combine part live singing with drag performances and a host club.
in Hanoi
Bar Tet Bar
A small bar formerly known as Le Maquis. It's more like a loud rock music binge and smoke pub than a stylish lounge, but there's usually a happy crowd until late and the place has an authentic feel.Directionson the northern end of Ta Hien
in Hanoi
Bar Mao's Red Lounge
Small, but lively bar in the heart of the Old Quarter. Has two levels, the top floor which is usually packed with Westerners smoking loads of cigarettes. Mao himself is usually in presence, playing all kinds of music from his iPod. Extremely friendly dude who ... more
in Hanoi
Bar Minh's Jazz Club
This longtime institution of the Hanoi music scene has recently moved (Oct 2010) to an area outside the Old Quarter. The new location is much smaller than the previous location, but is still run by the same Mr. Quyen Van Minh. It is now attached to the MaLai D... more
in Hanoi
Bar Nola
a communal spot with friendly services. three floors are three beautiful views and comfortable place. put your bag anywhere then you can have a rest.Directionslocated in the heart of the old quarter
in Hanoi
Bar Seventeen Cowboys
Due to a licensing agreement finishing, this is no longer known as "Seventeen Saloon", though the format is largely unchanged. Nightly live cover band, a multitude of provocatively dressed waitstaff, and somewhat expensive drinkis.
in Hanoi
Bar Student Bar
A nice little bar for cheap and good fruit shakes. As the name suggests, very young audience, that sits each night on ridiculous amounts of little chairs on the sidewalks, taking their fruit shakes.DirectionsWest of Hoan Kiem Lake
in Hanoi
Bar Sunset Bar - InterContinental Hanoi Westlake
Dramatically positioned on its own island in West Lake and reached in the evenings by a stroll along a torch-lit bridge, Sunset Bar’s tropical Asian ambience and stunning sunset views over the lake afford guests a sanctuary from which to escape the bustle... more
in Hanoi
Cinema Megastar
— is on the 6th floor of the Vincom City Towers, 191 Ba Trieu. The tickets range from 50,000 to 80,000 depends on the movie and the show time. The movies are relatively updated, perhaps one or two months later than in the U.S. The movies are not dubbed. T... more
in Hanoi
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