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We are hiring Travel Writers & Editors!


Join us! We’re expanding our online travel guides, apps and eBooks. Our core area is backpacking in Southeast Asia, but we are also extending to other regions and topics.


We currently have the following open freelance positions for travel writers and editors:


In addition, we continue our well-received App & eBook Publishing Program for travel writers, agencies and guidebook publishers. You can publish apps and eBooks for all kinds of topics and destinations worldwide.


You can also upload and sell PDF eBooks directly on our website. Over 2000+ eBooks are already available, making us the world’s largest publishing platform for travel guides.

Tip: You feel you are not yet ready? Why not join our free, 7-weeks travel writing course!


1. Travel Writers/Editors for Southeast Asia

We are currently looking for travel writers and editors to join our team. Your role is to expand and update our backpacker guides to various countries in Southeast Asia.


Is This You?

  • You love to travel independently, and have explored a number of countries this way. You especially know the country/region you write about.
  • You love to write and have a very strong command of written English.
  • You are self-motivated and enjoy writing at your own pace - you get things done on time.
  • You are interested in the web and new technologies. You are active in social media and social communities.


We Have an Opportunity For You!

  • You pick your country/region and make our online travel guide even more useful for backpackers and independent travelers.
  • You continuously expand and update the guide.
  • You become an active member of our community, join the discussions, and answer user questions related to your region.
  • You bring in your own suggestions (yes, we love to hear those!).


We Offer You:

  • Fun:  
    • An innovative and fun environment, where you can work at your own pace, bring in your own ideas and (mostly) write what you are passionate about.
    • You can improve your writing and editing skills, and learn from our travel writer community.
    • Your guide is live and users read it on the web, their iPhones, their Kindles, etc. Travelers follow your advice to plan their trip. Isn’t that exciting?
  • Fame:
    • You become a recognized writer/editor, and a respected authority on your topic and region.
    • We consistently achieve top rankings in Google and other search engines, much higher than you can realistically rank with your own blog or website. Higher rankings mean more visitors for you.
    • Your name and profile will appear on all your pages on GuideGecko.com. You can link to your other writing outlets from your profile if you wish.
    • We are fully compatible with Google Authorship Markup: Your picture will appear directly on Google’s search result pages, next to the snippet of your article. You are the recognized expert on your topic!
  • Money:
    • You will get 50% of the AdSense advertising revenues on your pages, right from the first day.
    • How much can you expect? Typically some hundred US Dollars per month. Once your content is fully set up and more and more visitors come in, your revenue can grow to multiple thousand US Dollars per month.
    • We can also create apps and eBooks from your content. You will earn 50% of the sales revenues.


How It Works:

  • We work together on a freelance basis. You are flexible to choose your own working hours. There is no need to report to our office, you are free to work from home or directly on the road. You submit your articles and photos online, and they go live instantly on our website.
  • After the initial months, you dedicate about two days per week to update the guide and write two new articles per week. In between, you answer user questions and join the discussions.
  • In the first 2-3 months, you get to know our system and understand the existing content. We will work together to create a list of articles that need improvements, and you will write or edit these sections. Your workload will be a bit higher during this time.


Interested? Please send us an email, and tell us why you are the right person for the job. You can include attachments and writing samples.


We are currently especially looking for writers/editors for the following countries (or parts thereof):

  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Myanmar/Burma
  • Indonesia
  • Other countries in Southeast Asia



2. Travel Writers (International)

We are expanding beyond Southeast Asia! If you are interested to write a guide for another country, region or city around the world, please contact us.


Let us know what country and topic. Please see above for more details on how we work together and what’s in it for you.



3. Apps & eBooks (for Travel Writers, Agencies & Publishers)

Do you want to create an iPhone app and/or Kindle eBook? Just provide the texts and photos, and we create a cutting-edge app and eBook. No technical expertise is required.


We are especially interested to work with guidebook publishers and travel agencies. We also love to work with travel writers, especially if you have a well-visited website. You can publish apps and eBooks for all kinds of topics and destinations worldwide.


We can create your app for free and share the revenues. Alternatively, you can pay us an upfront amount to create the app. Find out more on how to publish apps & eBooks (to get started, just fill out the form on that page).







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