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Thailand is famous for its spicy food.  <img src='http://www.guidegecko.de/images/spyglass1.png' align='texttop' /> Click for full image
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Thailand Restaurants & Eating

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The food alone is really reason enough for a trip to Thailand. Curries, fruit shakes, stir fries, fresh fish made a zillion ways - and that's just the beginning. Food in Thailand can be as cheap and easy as 25 baht pad thai (Thai fried noodles) cooked at a street stall or as expensive and complicated as a $100 ten-course meal by a royal chef served in one of Bangkok's 5 star hotels.

Since most backpackers will be sticking closer to the first than the second, one of the great things about Thailand is that food from stalls and tiny sidewalk restaurants is usually quite safe. Unlike some Asian countries, travellers should worry more about overeating or too much curry spice than about unclean kitchens and bad food. In fact, street restaurants, where you can see what you'll get and everything is cooked on the spot can be a safe option.


Thai food is most commonly eaten with fork and spoon. Hold the spoon in your right hand and use it to eat, and reserve the fork for piling food onto your spoon. Chopsticks are only employed for noodle soups and East Asian-style dishes.

Thai food is meant for sharing. Everybody gets their own plate of rice and tiny soup bowl, but all the other dishes are laid out in the center of the table and you're free to eat what you wish. Though some people believe that taking the last piece from a shared plate is considered slightly unlucky, and you may hear people make wishes for others to compensate for their own misfortune — a popular wish is that "may my girl/boyfriend be beautiful"!

Food is also generally brought out a dish at a time as it is prepared. It is not expected for diners to wait until all meals are brought out before they start eating as is polite in western culture. Instead they should tuck into the nearest meal as it arrives.

Restaurants in Thailand

Italian Fellini
A new, stylish Italian restaurant. Stone-cooked pizzas, a wide choice of pastas, steaks, seafood, salads. Good choices of wine,  very good food. 4 different kind of homemade pestos, home grown hydroponic rocket and le... more
 1 Fans, Mid Range, in Ko Pha Ngan
Thai Funkydog Cafe
Local handmade coffee from a local hill tribe. Fantastic Thai family cooking. All fresh and made by hand, great atmosphere and music, low cost food. Genuine owner who will keep you informed of all the natural products you should eat. The yellow curry is to die for.
Low Budget, in Chiang Mai
Thai Kuaytiaw Reua Koliang
Serves authentic kuaytiow reua (literally "boat noodles", rice noodles in dark broth with beef). It's good stuff anyway.
Low Budget, 25 baht, in Chiang Mai
Thai Muan Baan
A variety of Thai meals, for breakfast and lunch. The food is excellent and the owners and staff are very pleasant and helpful.
Low Budget, in Chiang Mai
Thai Ratana’s Kitchen
Popular for its wide range of Thai dishes and a huge vegetarian selection. 
Low Budget, 30-60 baht, in Chiang Mai
Thai Re-feel Café
 Offers great Thai food, good atmosphere, friendly staff and free billiards.
Low Budget, in Chiang Mai
Thai Sailomjoy Restaurant
Delicious food (Thai, Western and vegetarian), friendly service, and simple and relaxed atmosphere.
Low Budget, in Chiang Mai
Thai Ghekko Garden Bar And Restaurant
Highlights are lemongrass beef and sundried beef. Their chilli crab is also worth a try. Enquire at the bar blackboard to daily specials.
Mid Range, in Chiang Mai
Thai Huen Phen
Specialises in Northern Thai food, and is popular with Thais and foreigners alike. Lunch in the air-conditioned hall is decent enough, but dinner in the very lovely decorated old house in the back is little short of magical. Best of all is the price: a bowl of&n... more
Mid Range, in Chiang Mai
Thai Ob Luang
Serves genuine Thai-Chinese cuisine in a secluded garden setting directly on the Ping River.
Mid Range, in Chiang Mai
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