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Travel Guide > Asia > Indonesia > Bangka-Belitung > Tanjung Pandan

Tanjung Pandan Travel Guide

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Belitung, formerly Billiton, is an island in the Bangka-Belitung province of Indonesia.

You might not expect it from the island whose tin mines gave their name to Australian mining giant BHP Billiton, but Belitung is one of the nicest islands in Southeast Asia. Pristine white sand beaches look out on a turquoise sea filled with great snorkelling and a fantastic display of off shore islands. Check out Tanjung Kelayang and Tanjung Tinggi for world class beaches without the hustle and bustle now found at beaches of this caliber anywhere else.

The small uninhabited off shore islands range from white sand fringed coconut plantations to elaborate granite rock formations to long tempory sand bars of sand the quality of powdered sugar. Some are long swim distance from the beach but colourful local fishing boats will take you on an island tour. There is a 100+ year lighthouse on one island that was cast in England then shipped to Indonesia and assembled by the Dutch in 1889. Each piece has a number stamped on it and they were bolted together. No big resort areas are built there but it will not remain the sleepy paradise it is now long.

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