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Posted on
by stonefish

guided cruise of singapore's offshore islands.

i was wondering if there are any guided cruises that tour some offshore islands of singapore without disembarking.

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Posted on
by Shazana

First timers in Singapore

For first timers with very little knowledge of Singapore, where are the recommended places to see? Where to get cheap local food? Is it easy to get around Singapore? Any other tips which one should take note?

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Posted on
by helloruby

Best tips for saving money while in Singapore

For starters, I think one great way to save money is to have your meals in the ubiquitous coffee shops (that sell food and drinks, not weed) or hawker centres where a meal can cost just SGD$3.20, drink included (I'm thinking $2.50 plate of chicken and 70c cup of coffee). Local desserts often don't go higher than $2 also.

Does anyone else have other tips to share?

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Posted on
by crimesinthemosh

Is Singapore overrated?

Why do most travellers like going (and returning) to Singapore? Tourist attractions, shopping and culture-spots can only go so far in my opinion. What do you think makes travellers come back for more?

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Posted on
by Daniel

How much are you willing to pay for a beer?

Alcohol prices in bars tend to go up. It's not uncommon to pay S$16 now for a pint of Tiger on Clarke Quay. But is there a limit? Would you pay any price for your booze, or do you think the bars and clubs are overdoing it?

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