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Travel Guide > Asia > Cambodia > Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh Sights & Attractions

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Phnom Penh doesn't have many attractions, but visiting the Royal Palace, the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, the Killing Fields and walking around town can keep you busy for a day or two.

Things to See in Phnom Penh

Museum Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum (S-21 Prison)
A school converted into Cambodia's most important prison in 1975. More than 14,000 people were tortured here before being killed at the Killing Fields; only 8 prisoners made it out alive. The museum is easily accessible an... more
 1 Fans, US$3, in Phnom Penh
Monument/Building The Royal Palace
Including the two magnificent pagodas in the Palace Grounds, the Silver Pagoda and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, are among the few public buildings in Phnom Penh really worth seeing. They were built in the 19th century... more
 1 Fans, US$6 or 25,000 Riel, in Phnom Penh
Museum The National Museum of Cambodia
Contains an excellent collection of art from Cambodia's "golden age" of Angkor, and a lovely courtyard at the center. A main attraction is the statue of King Jayavarman VII (1181-1219) in mediation pose; other ex... more
 1 Fans, US$3, in Phnom Penh
Monument/Building Wat Phnom
Name means "Hill Temple". The temple itself is notable more for its historic importance than physical structure, but the park is a pleasant green space and a popular gathering place for locals. A few monkeys keep... more
 1 Fans, Admission: US$2; Elephant ride: US$15, in Phnom Penh
River Sisowath Quay aka Riverside
an attractive boulevard running along the banks of the Mekong and Tonle Sap. It's fronted by a large, long open space with manicured lawns, palm trees and open pathways, all recently re-done as part of a Japanese funded project to upgrade the flood infrastru... more
in Phnom Penh
Monument/Building The Killing Fields of Choeung Ek
A former Chinese cemetery, this is where the Khmer Rouge killed many thousands of their victims during their four-year reign of terror.  Today the site is marked by a Buddhist stupa packed full of human skulls - the s... more
US$3, in Phnom Penh
Monument/Building Wat Botum
Historically the wat favoured by royalty. In the 1930s it housed a charming young novice named Saloth Sar, who "never caused anyone any trouble, never started fights - a lovely child". Later in life he changed his name to Pol Pot.Directionsabout three ... more
in Phnom Penh
Monument/Building Independence and Liberation memorials
Impressive Buddhist-style Independence Memorial, commemorating the departure of the French in 1953, dominates the centre of the city. Nearby is the Stalin-style Liberation Memorial, marking the Vietnamese capture of the city in 1979. The area is especially popul... more
in Phnom Penh
Monument/Building Olympic Stadium
Built in the 1960s for an Asian Games that never happened, this interesting complex in the Modern style has been sold off to the Taiwanese, in a murky deal by the Cambodian government. The new owners have recently renovated it and it has begun to be used once ag... more
in Phnom Penh
Monument/Building Stung Meanchey Garbage Dump
Where hundreds of the poorest of the poor, including many small children, swarm over the refuse (which includes burning plastic and syringes) hoping to find anything of value. In addition to - or instead of - visiting the dump, you can stop by the impressive Fre... more
in Phnom Penh

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