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Philippines Nightlife & Entertainment

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Non-alcoholic drinks

Tropical fruit drinks made from dalandan (green mandarin), suha (pomelo), pinya (pineapple), calamansi (small lime), buko (young coconut), durian, guyabano (soursop) mango, banana, watermelon, strawberry and many more are available at stands along streets, as well as at commercial establishments such as food carts inside malls. They are often served chilled with ice. 

Sago't Gulaman a sweet drink made of molasses, sago pearls and seaweed gelatin, and taho, a sweet, warm snack made from sago pearls, soft tofu and carmelized syrup, are worth trying. They are affordable and sold in stalls along streets or by vendors around the a common area as well as in malls. Zagu is a shake with flavors such as strawberry and chocolate, with sago pearls. Another famous drink is buko juice, the juice is consumed via an inserted straw on the top of the buko or young coconut.


Tea, coffee and chocolate

Salabat, sometimes called ginger tea, is an iced or hot tea made from lemon grass and pandan leaves or brewed from ginger root. Kapeng barako is a famous kind of tea in the Philippines, found in Batangas, made from coffee beans found in the cool mountains. Try the Filipino hot chocolate drink, tsokolate, made from chocolate tablets called tableas, a tradition that dates back the Spanish colonial times. Champorado isn't considered a drink by Filipinos, but it is another version of tsokolate with the difference of added rice. Records say that chocolate was introduced by the Aztecs to the Filipinos during the Manila-Acapulco trade.

Alcoholic drinks

Metro Manila is home to many bars, watering holes, and karaoke sites. Popular places include Makati (particularly the Glorietta and Greenbelt areas), Ortigas Metrowalk, and Eastwood in Libis. Other big cities such as Cebu City and Davao also have areas where the nightlife is centered.

Establishments serve the usual hard and soft drinks typical of bars elsewhere. Note that Filipinos rarely consume alcohol by itself. They would normally have what is called as "pulutan" or bar chow alongside their drinks which is like the equivalent of tapas. At the least, this would consist of mixed nuts but selections of grilled meats and seafood are not uncommon food alongside the customary drinks.

When having a party, Filipinos enjoy drinking round-robin style using a common glass. One is supposed to drink bottoms-up before passing the glass to the next person. This custom is known as "tagayan" and one person usually volunteers to pour the drink.


Beer is perhaps the most common form of alcohol consumed in bars. San Miguel Beer is the dominant local brand with several variants such as Light, Dry, Strong Ice and their flagship variant Pale Pilsen. Budweiser, Heineken and Corona can also be found in upscale bars.


Rum and ginebra which is the local form of gin are commonly available forms of hard liquor. Indigenous forms of liquor are lambanog and tuba which are both derived from coconut sap. Tuba is fermented from the coconut sap and though tuba itself can be drunk, it is also distilled to take the form of lambanog. Lambanog is now being marketed widely both locally and internationally in its base form as well as in several flavored variants such as mango, bubble gum and blueberry.

Alcohol is extremely cheap in the Philippines (and probably cheapest in the whole of Asia). For a bottle of San Miguel bought at a 7-11 or Mini-Stop, a bottle would costs about Php20-Php30 (about US$0.50). For top-end bars and clubs, a bottle would costs about Php100-200. A bottle of 750ml Absolut Vodka at the supermarket will cost about Php750, and a popular local rum (especially amongst knowledgeable expats) tanduay costs just below Php70 at a 24 hour convenience store in Makati (The Financial District).

Places to Go Out in Philippines

Café President's Teahouse
This teahouse is a smaller version of President's Restaurant however it is affordable and the food is OK. They serve food from Dumplings and authentic Chinese Cuisine.
in Binondo
Café Ying Ying Teahouse
₱200-₱500, in Binondo
Café Starbucks
No matter where you go, you can't escape Starbucks. Sits not far from the historic Puerta de Isabel II, the last gate built in Intramuros.Directionsnear Puerta de Isabel II
in Intramuros
Bar Bedrock
Flintstones themed bar/eatery. Wonderfully wierd and often a bit camp. They have live music nights.
in Malate
Bar Penguin Gallery
One of the coolest and most Bohemian joints in town. They have many of the best bands and groups play live, especially at weekends. Currently listed as Top Pick in The Lonely Planet Guidebook
Php 150, in Malate
Bar The Mansion
in Angeles
Bar The Courtyard
in Angeles
Bar Sax Bar
in Angeles
Bar Whythaus Grill & KTV
in Angeles
These are just 10 of 82 Places to Go Out in Philippines. Show more.

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