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Malaysia Airlines is the country's flagship carrier.  <img src='http://www.guidegecko.de/images/spyglass1.png' align='texttop' /> Click for full image
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Malaysia Getting in & out

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By plane

National carrier Malaysia Airlines (MAS) has extensive worldwide network coverage and regularly ranks high in airline quality assessments, while no-frills low-cost carrier AirAsia and her sister company, AirAsia X, now covers an ever-expanding set of destinations including Australia, China, Cambodia, France, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Laos, Macau, the Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, the United Kingdom, Myanmar and Vietnam.

  • AirAsia +60 3 8775-4000 (hotline within Malaysia: 1-300-88-9933)
  • Malaysia Airlines 60 3 7846-3000 (hotline within Malaysia: 1-300-88-3000)

Most international flights land at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), although AirAsia flights use the LCC terminal, a 20km road transfer away from the main KLIA terminal. KLIA's predecessor, the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport.

By train

To/from Thailand

Direct sleeper train services operated by the State Railway of Thailand connect Bangkok (Thailand) and Butterworth near Penang (Malaysia), while Keretapi Tanah Melayu (Malaysian Railways) runs trains between Hat Yai (Thailand) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). Both trains cross the border at Padang Besar where Thai and Malaysia immigration formalities are all conveniently done in the station. There is also a less used eastern route from Hat Yai to Thai border town Sungai Kolok, but there are no through trains to the nearby Malaysian station at Wakaf Bahru (near Kota Bharu).

The train from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur  <span style='white-space:nowrap;'><img src='http://www.guidegecko.de/images/spyglass1.png' align='texttop' /> Click to enlarge</span>

To/from Singapore

Singapore is the southern terminus of the Malayan Railway (Keretapi Tanah Melayu network. Comfortable overnight sleeper and somewhat misnamed daytime "express" trains connect Singapore with Kuala Lumpur and Tumpat, near Kota Bharu. Bizarrely, tickets purchased at the Singapore station are twice as expensive as those purchased in Malaysia; you can save quite a bit by taking the train from Johor Bahru instead. Another option is to at the cheaper rate, but you must book at least 48 hours in advance.

By bus

Long-distances buses/coaches into Malaysia run from Brunei, Indonesian Borneo, Singapore and Thailand. Please see the relevant city pages for more details.

Long distance buses in Malaysia are comfortable, but very cold.  <span style='white-space:nowrap;'><img src='http://www.guidegecko.de/images/spyglass1.png' align='texttop' /> Click to enlarge</span>


There are no direct buses into Brunei. However, there are buses from Miri and Limbang going to the border where there are connections to Bandar Seri Begawan.


Direct buses operate between Pontianak in West Kalimantan and Kuching in Sarawak.


A multitude of bus companies operate direct routes from Singapore to various destinations in Peninsular Malaysia, including Malacca, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, East Coast cities and even the Kuala Lumpur suburb of Petaling Jaya. Frequent buses make the short run between Singapore and Johor Bahru, and you can save a few bucks by changing at JB's Larkin terminal to a cheap domestic bus instead of taking a more expensive direct bus. If you are planning to take on arrival visa, you must enter Malaysia via link 2.


Several companies operate services from Kuala Lumpur and other cities in Malaysia to Hat Yai in southern Thailand, where direct connections are available to Bangkok and many other Thai destinations.

By road

Land crossings are possible from southern Thailand and Singapore into Peninsular Malaysia, as well as from Brunei and Kalimantan (the Indonesian side of Borneo) into Sarawak. An International Drivers Permit (IDP) is required. See the respective city or state pages for more detailed information.

By boat

Ferries connect various points in Peninsular Malaysia with Sumatra in Indonesia and southern Thailand, Sarawak with Brunei, and Sabah with East Kalimantan in Indonesia and Mindanao in the Philippines. Luxury cruises also run from Singapore and sometimes Phuket (Thailand) to Malaysia.

On foot

You can walk in/out of Thailand at Wang Kelian and Padang Besar (both in Perlis), Bukit Kayu Hitam (Kedah), Pengkalan Hulu (Perak) and Rantau Panjang (Kelantan). However, crossing the Causeway on foot from Singapore is now illegal (Jan 2009).

Transport Hubs in Malaysia

Harbor Tanjung Leman Jetty
As the only take-off point for Pulau Sibu, Tanjung Leman jetty is accessible only by taxi from Mersing (RM80) or Kota Tinggi (RM70). There is a jetty fee of RM5. A shop here sells beach essentials such as shorts, towels, b... more
RM5, in Johor
Bus Terminal Larkin Bus & Taxi Terminal
The largest public transportation terminal in Johor Bahru is located in the town of Larkin. From here you can get north-bound buses to virtually any major town or city in Malaysia. The earliest bus leaves about 5am, althou... more
Mid Range, in Johor
Bus Terminal Mersing Bus & Taxi Terminal
Buses from here leave for Johor Bahru and Singapore (4AM, 8AM, 11:30AM, 12PM, 1PM, 3PM, 4:30PM, 5PM, 5:30PM, 6PM, 8:30PM), Kluang-Muar-Melaka (7:15AM, 1:15PM, 5:30PM), Kuala Lumpur (1PM, 1:30PM), Kuantan (1:30PM), Kuala Te... more
Mid Range, in Mersing
Harbor Mersing Jetty
The Mersing Jetty is located next to the Plaza R&R. If by any chance your bus stops at the Mersing bus terminal instead of the Plaza R&R (rare but it happens), it is a few minutes' walk from the bus station. Also k... more
RM70 onwards, in Mersing
Airport Melaka International Airport
The underutilized Melaka International Airport offers 5 flights per week, all of which are to Pekanbaru, Indonesia.  This route is flown by Riau Airlines and departs around 10 AM daily except Wednesdays and Fridays.  The airport recently underwent RM 1... more
in Melaka (Malacca)
Airport Kuala Lumpur Airport (KLIA)
Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) is Malaysia's multi award-winning airport and one of Asia's major aviation hubs. A self-contained facility, it is bordered by four main cities: Kuala Lumpur, Shah Alam, Seremban an... more
in Kuala Lumpur
Train Station Tampin Train Station
The simple train station in the town of Tampin is the nearest one to Melaka even though it's nearly 40 km away!  It's located on the main Kuala Lumpur-Johor Bahru line and is served by all trains. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket counter or reserved i... more
in Melaka (Malacca)
Bus Terminal Melaka Sentral
in Melaka (Malacca)
Harbor Melaka Jetty
If Indonesia is the next country on your itinerary, you can hop a ferry from the Melaka Jetty across the Straits to the island of Sumatra.     Tunas Rupat runs a daily express ferry to Dumai at 10 AM (1 hour 45 minutes; 110 MYR one-way/170 MYR ret... more
in Melaka (Malacca)
Harbor Shahbandar Jetty
Shahbandar jetty is located in downtown Kuala Terengganu, in front of a huge post office and very near Chinatown. Private and public ferries depart from here to Pulau Redang. A jetty fee of RM5 is compulsory payment. Sejah... more
Mid Range, RM100 return, in Kuala Terengganu
These are just 10 of 19 Transport Hubs in Malaysia. Show more.

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