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Khon Kaen Travel Guide

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Khon Kaen is a city in Central Isaan, Thailand.

Historically, Khon Kaen is quite a new town established a little over two centuries ago during the reign of King Rama I. But prehistorically, this town on the plateau has involved various natural phenomenon and cultures. Artifacts have proven that millions of year ago the area was ruled by gigantic creature dinosaurs. People in various cultures then occupied the plateau during the pre-historical period until the Ancient Khmer Empire expanded its presence into the area in the 12th century. These cultures, traditions, and historical sites in this area have all contributed in shaping the Thai people and Thailand in this way.

Geographically, Khon Kaen plays an important role as the centre of the Northeast region. Furthermore, the province, by Khon Kaen University, is a major hub of education and technology. A major source of local wisdom in silk production is in Amphoe Chonnabot where excellent Mudmee Silk is delicately woven by hand using the tie-dye technique. Developments in different areas are facilitating Khon Kaen as a major transportation hub of Indochina.

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