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Travel Guide > Asia > Indonesia > Papua > Jaya Pura

Jaya Pura Travel Guide

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Jayapura is the capital and largest city in Papua, Indonesia. The city has also been known in the past as Hollandia (1910-1962), Kota Baru 1962-1963) and even Sukarnopura (1963-1968).

International travel to Jayapura is almost non-existent and as such you are unlikely to meet other tourists. But many missionaries from around the world actually work here. This seems to mean that tourist touts are rare and beggars are not in the city.

There are more and more people who can speak English as compared with the past. When you are there, everyone wants to take a photo of you, and sightseeing may take up a little but more time than expected. Sentani is one of the best places to live for a lot of reasons. But you will have to visit to find out why!

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