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How much money can I earn from my travel website?

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Ad revenue from travel websites can be a substantial source of income, and you should not lose out on this. On GuideGecko, you earn 50% of all AdSense revenues for your pages.

Some travel websites earn more than US$100,000 per year, even for a single country. However, this is a long-term target. Revenues should increase over time. Depending on your destination and depth of content, you can expect 2-3-digit monthly revenues in the beginning. The more visitors you get, the more ad revenue you will make.

As for most travel sites, the majority of visitors will come through search engines, especially Google. It requires time (and good content) to build up trust with the search engines. Over time, the search engines will lead more and more visitors to your pages.

Your advantages on GuideGecko

It is your advantage that GuideGecko is already an established websites with good rankings. It also helps that our pages are highly visible and optimized for search engines.

We therefore recommend that you choose web publishing when you publish with us, and provide us with your AdSense ID.

Promoting your site

There is one major thing you should do to increase your search engine rankings and ad revenues: Get inbound links from other websites to your pages on GuideGecko. Inbound links are the most important factor to rank high in search engines.

For example:

  • Ask friends and bloggers to write a recommendation for your guide, with a direct link to your page. You may also offer to do a guest post on their blog.
  • Issue a press release and send it to local newspapers and magazines (most of them have a website, they may place a link there).
  • Create a buzz on Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Add some "link bait" articles within your destination pages on GuideGecko: Funny or otherwise interesting articles that people like to share with their friends. Promote these articles on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Consider writing related articles for Suite101, EzineArticles, etc., and link back to your pages on GuideGecko.

It is easier to rank for articles with 400-600 words than for short snippets. Make sure that your overview articles on GuideGecko are within that range.

By the way: Your ads will also appear on your photo (and video) pages, so keep these stunning photos coming!

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