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Davao Getting around

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By taxi

The simplest way to get around is by hopping on a taxi. A typical trip can cost about 60-70 pesos or slightly more than a U.S. dollar if one goes by the meter. Drivers in Davao do not normally bargain if they notice that you are a tourist, hence the cost of the trip is the same in price as a regular. Also, they are part of the increasingly rare breed of taxi drivers who carry coins and will give you the exact change instead of rounding your fare up. If you know the name of the building, establishment, area or street you wish you reach, this is still the fastest way to get to your destination. You can also call the cab company directly to have a cab driver pick you up. or just simply hire a van or car for your convenient and hassle free and stroll the hot spot places in Davao.

Taxis go from Php 26.00 and will add Php 1.00 per few hundred meters (not sure with the exact measurement) with a non-airconditioned taxi. Airconditioned taxis start at 30 pesos and will add 2.50 pesos per few hundred meters.

Taking a taxi from the city center (Roxas and Claveria) to the airport should cost no more than PHP 130.

By jeepney

Alternatively, if you opt for more adventure, then do as the locals and catch a colorful jeepney. Simply ask around for which route to take. They are available 24 hours and cover most of the nooks and crannies of the city. This is the cheapest option for getting around as a typical fare cost about 5-7 pesos.

By car

Another alternative ride aside from the jeepneys and taxis, is to rent a car. There are many cars for rent. If you don't know the routes you can hire drivers by asking the attendant of the rental company. Local companies tend to be cheaper than the national ones.

By bus

Buses are also available but these tend to ply exclusively along the north-south route and going out and in the city area.

Transport Companies in Davao

Airline Philippines Airlines
in Davao
Airline Cebu Pacific
(Cebu, Cagayan De Oro, Iloilo, Manila, Zamboanga)
in Davao
Airline PAL Express
in Davao
Airline Zest Airways
in Davao
Airline Silk Air
in Davao
Airline WG&A Superferry
twice weekly ferries from Manila to Davao, trip takes more than 2 days in total
in Davao
Airline Sulpicio Lines
twice weekly ferries from Manila, usually via Cebu
in Davao

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