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Travel Guide > Asia > Burma/Myanmar

Burma/Myanmar Restaurants & Eating

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Burmese food is a blend of Chinese, Indian and Mon influences. Rice is at the core of most Burmese food, and good vegetarian food is widely available. Burmese food is often extremely pungent. Food is inexpensive at most restaurants (around 500-1500 kyat), but there are many upscale restaurants in Yangon and Mandalay for upmarket food.

What to eat

Because the Burmese cuisine is a medley of many regional influences, it has many characteristics. Seafood is more common along the coastline, while preserved meats are more common in inland areas. Many Indian, Chinese, and Shan dishes are served throughout the country. Some dishes to try are:

Street food, Yangon  <span style='white-space:nowrap;'><img src='http://www.guidegecko.de/images/spyglass1.png' align='texttop' /> Click to enlarge</span>


Mohinga (pronounced mo-HIN-ga) is a dish of rice vermicelli with fish gravy(orange in colour) and is usually accompanied by corriander and with chilli powder (the Burmese eat chilli). Its taste can range from sweet to spicy, and is usually eaten during breakfast. It is considered by many to be the national dish of Myanmar, and is widely available throughout the country, albeit in slightly different styles in different regions.


Onnokauswe (pronounced oun-NO-kao-sui) is a dish of thicker noodles in a thick soup of coconut milk. Often added is chicken, and it has a strong taste and odour.

Laphet thote

Laphet thote (pronounced la-peh THOU) is a salad of fermented tea leaves and a variety of nuts. It is commonly mixed with sliced lettuce, and is eaten with rice. The dish originally comes from Shan State.

Nan Gyi Thoke

Nan Gyi Thoke (pronounced nan gyi thou) is a special dish of rice noodle salad with chicken source. It is mostly eaten in middle part of Myanmar.

Shan food

The Shan are an ethnic group who inhabit Shan State around Inle lake, near the Thai border. Their food is marvelous and spicy. It can be found in Yangon if you search.


Myanmaese have a very different definition of curry than other countries. It is very spicy compared to Indian and Thai options. All curry dishes are served hot in a typical Burmese home but you may find it served at room temperature in cheaper restaurants. The Burmese curry does not contain coconut milk, unlike its south-east asian counterparts, and has a large quantity of onion. Myanmar is the highest per-capita consumer of onions in the world.


Tap water in Myanmar is not safe to drink, likewise ice may be contaminated. Bottled water is readily available at many tourist sites.


Similar to ChineseTea' Yenwejan is usually provided free at restaurant tables. While not flavourful, it is boiled water, and so safe to drink (do not drink plain water - even in restaurants - unless it is bottled water). Dried tea leaves similar to Laphet thote's tea leaves (except these are wet) are added to the boiled water to give Yenwejan Be sure to order it with Laphet thote (Customary/Good combination).


Alcohol is frowned upon by conservative Buddhists, Hindus, and Muslims, but consumed widely, mostly among men. Myanmar Beer (lager) is most popular in the country. Other variants, including Mandalay Beer exist. However, many of such companies are government-owned and/or have links to the drug trade. Toddy juice (ta-YEI) is popular in central Myanmar, and is made from fermented palm sugar. An alcoholic drink popular in the Shan State is Shwe le maw, and is reportedly very strong. It is also possible to buy full strength Beer Chang imported from Thailand; exports to most countries are not nearly as strong.

Beware of alcoholic drinks served in the far northern states. The locals refer to it as alcohol which does not burn when lit, and it is widely suspected to be an opiate concoction rather than a fermented beverage.

There are a lot of nightclubs, including those attached to the five star hotels (eg Grand Plaza), and also local entertainment centres (eg JJs, Asia plaza).

Restaurants in Burma/Myanmar

Burmese Mahar Bagan
One of the best restaurants in Bagan, with a cheerful and friendly owner who speaks great English and seems happy to indulge customers in stories about the area. The menu consists primarily of Chinese-style dishes. The res... more
 1 Fans, in Bagan
Vegetarian The Moon Vegetarian Restaurant
Not only the best veggy restaurant in Bagan, but overall just a great eating experience. Every single bit of food on the extensive menu is freshly prepared, and there's always a special dish of the day. Place sits arou... more
 1 Fans, in Bagan
Cafe, Light Food, Soups, Tea Black Canyon Coffee
Found in Mandalay (Next to Sedona Hotel) and in Yangon (next to International Hotel) offers Air-conditioned dining and wonderful Starbucks-style coffee for all those yearning for a quality caffeine shot in this country.
in Burma/Myanmar
Burmese Hla Myanmar
This is just a simple restaurant, but a good one for those on a budget. They are specialized in Bamar (Burmese) curries, so this is a good opportunity to have what the locals eat. You can just point at the curry of your desire and then take a seat at one of the ... more
Low Budget, K2500, in Yangon
Burmese Nilar Biryani
An old and venerable Biryani restaurant serving ready made chicken, mutton, and vegetable biryani in seconds. Fast, delicious, and cheap!"
Low Budget, in Yangon
Local 999 Shan Noodle Shop
(No. 130, 34th Street) offers very good noodle dishes for around 1000 kyat.
Low Budget, in Yangon
Burmese Feel
(No. 124, Pyihtaungsu Avenue, Dagon Township) offers a wide variety of Burmese curry dishes (~2000 kyat) displayed in the back. Salads and fries can be ordered easily.
Low Budget, in Yangon
Burmese Kyet Shar Soon Biriani
(franchises in Mingalar Taung Nyunt, Pabedan, and Kyauktada Townships), established in 1947, offers a dish of halal Burmese-accented biryani for around 700 kyat.
Low Budget, in Yangon
Dessert Shwe Pu Zun
Tel. (01) 222305 or (01) 211709, 246-248, Anawrahta Road, Lanmadaw Tsp., ice cream and dessert shop known for its faluda (cold vermicelli drink).
Low Budget, in Yangon
Burmese YKKO
(No. 286, Seikkanthar Street (Upper Block), Kyauktada Township), is a well-established restaurant that is known for its kyae-oh, a Burmese noodle soup.
Low Budget, in Yangon
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