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Burma/Myanmar Hotels & Sleeping

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While not as inexpensive as neighboring Thailand, Myanmar has surprisingly good hotel accommodation at reasonable prices. Rooms with attached bath are available for under US$10 everywhere except in Yangon and with shared bath for anywhere from US$3 to US$6 in most places. Almost every hotel licensed for foreigners has running hot water (though, in remote areas, availability may be restricted to certain hours of the day). Hotels, with a few exceptions, are usually clean though, at the budget end, sheets and blankets may be threadbare and the rooms may be poorly ventilated. A few low-end hotels, particularly in Yangon and other large cities, specialize in cubicle rooms - small single rooms with no windows - which, while cheap and clean, are not for the claustrophobic. Rates are quoted as single/double but the rooms are usually the same whether one person or two stay in the room, making good hotels a real bargain if traveling as a couple. Except at the top-end, breakfast is always included in the price of the room.

Myanmar has a problem providing enough electricity to its people and power supply is severely restricted everywhere. In many places, electricity may be available only for a few hours each evening or, in some cases, only every alternate evening. If you don't want to spend your nights without a fan or AC, ask if the hotel has a generator (most mid-priced hotels do). On generator nights, the AC in your room may not work (the price is usually lower as well).

At the top-end, Myanmar has some excellent hotels including one or two great ones (The Strand in Yangon and Kandawgyi Palace Hotel in Yangon). The Myanmar government runs many hotels, including some beautiful colonial era ones (though not the two listed in the previous sentence). Many large five-star hotels in Yangon and Mandalay are run by friends of the government or by people with connections to the drug trade. Socially conscious travelers may want to avoid these two types of hotels.

Hotel Deals for Burma/Myanmar - best price guarantee

Places to Sleep in Burma/Myanmar

Hotel White House Hotel
The place has a lot of character. Mosaic marbles of different tones all over - floor, wall, ceilings. You would feel like you're somewhere in Spain; some sort of Gaudi inspired cave-like room. 24 hours electricity. White House has a great city map, check out... more
Low Budget, $US8 single, $US15 double including big buffet breakfast (and the 'fresh fruit juice of the day' is a good start for breakkie!), in Yangon
Hotel Sunflower Hotel
Set on the busy intersection of Anwaratha Road and Shwe Bontha Street, a few minutes walk from Sule Pagoda and the railway station, the hotel has a great location but can be noisy. Less expensive rooms have no windows, and others are large and roomy with air-con... more
Low Budget, US$8-15, in Yangon
Hotel May Fair Inn
Good central location. Dated rooms but clean bathrooms. The owner is a bit wacky but her daughter is full of useful information. They don't serve breakfast any more.
Low Budget, 10/12/15 US$, in Yangon
Hotel Three Seasons Hotel
Rooms with shared and private bath. Friendly Indian owners and a good place to stay if you plan on spending a few days in Yangon and need a place to call home. Closer to the centre than Motherland Inn 2 but still a bit of a long walk.
Low Budget, US$7-20, in Yangon
Hotel Garden Guest House
Small rooms in dingy surroundings but with a great location and a great price. Worth it if your budget is tight and you're not fussy about decorDirectionsWest side of Sule Pagoda
Low Budget, US$5, in Yangon
Hotel Ocean Pearl Inn
All rooms have baths, air-conditioning and hot water. 15 minute walk to the city centre.
Low Budget, US$10-15, in Yangon
Hostel Motherland Inn 2
Expensive for a guesthouse but sill a popular backpacker's place with private & shared baths, and on-site restuarnt. They offer free pickup from the airport. A long walk or short taxi journey from the city centre. They also have the rarely advertised $US... more
Low Budget, US$10-18, in Yangon
Hotel City Star Hotel
Clean, well kept, and comfortable rooms with TV, minibar, free coffee. 24 hours electricity. Certain taxi drivers in Yangon claims this hotel is government owned, but it's hard to verify if this is correct: the hotel staff will certainly deny it.Directionsbe... more
Mid Range, $US27 single, $US32 double inc. breakfast, in Yangon
Hotel Classique Inn
A small boutique hotel with well furnished rooms in the quiet area north of the Shwedagon Pagoda. Located in embassy district (about one mile from Shwe Dagon Pagoda) just a few doors down from Bahrain embassy. It is a cute, small, quiet hotel made with teak and ... more
Mid Range, US$25-35, in Yangon
Hotel May Shan Hotel
Clean, well kept, but small rooms right outside the Sule Pagoda. Own generator and transformer and friendly staff. Staff doesn't speak much English. All rooms have air-con, satellite TV, bathroom attached with hot and cold shower. A bit run down. Directions... more
Mid Range, US$15-25, in Yangon
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