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Burma/Myanmar Good to Know

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International phone calls can be arranged at the Central Telephone & Telegraph Office at the corner of Ponsodan and Mahabandoola Streets in Yangon. International Direct Dial calls are also available at most hotels and at many public call offices (often a phone in a shop), but they are expensive, e.g. a call to the US costs $6 to $7/min. As of 2010, the only mobile telephone network is the MPTGSM network provided by the Myanmar Government's Post and Telecommunication agency. This works on the GSM900 band, so is visible to multi-band GSM phones. However, MPT has no international roaming arrangements, so manual attempts to connect to the network are refused. If your own mobile telephone can detect the MPTGSM network, then you may be able to buy a $20 SIM card which will work for 28 days.


International mail out of Myanmar is reportedly quite efficient. As elsewhere, there is always a risk if you send valuables as ordinary parcels.

The hotel in Yangon said that postcards mailed in the country had less than 1% chance of being delivered abroad.


Internet is now widely and cheaply available in Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan, but more limited elsewhere. However access is very slow and many sites are inaccessible. Rates are around 1000 kyat/hour in Yangon and 2000-5000 kyat/hour elsewhere.

A list of proxys to circumvent blocks can be found at proxy.org

Webmail: most free webmail providers are blocked, however many Internet cafés circumvent this - jot down the workaround in case it's still unknown in the next café you visit. If one Internet café can't connect you, the next one probably will the next day. As of January 2010, Hotmail and Yahoo are blocked, while Gmail is available.

As of May 2006, the following workarounds worked:

  • Yahoo - use wap.oa.yahoo.com - the WAP (mobile phone) gateway, which gets you the basic interface.

Myanmar has two ISPs, MPT and Bagan. Proxy sites are blocked by MPT, but may work with the Bagan ISP.

Working in Myanmar

Work in Myanmar for foreigners is hard to come by. NGOs and other aid groups operate in the capital and remote rural areas but may require specific skill sets to hire you. Another option is European and Asian companies, mostly operating on a small scale.

Teaching English is feasible in private schools but skip the education ministry, which only hires citizens with teaching certification.

If you would like to work and assist Burmese refugees certain NGOs work in neighboring Thailand.

Essential Places in Burma/Myanmar

Embassy Australian Embassy
No. 88, Strand Road, faces the Strand Hotel.
in Yangon
Embassy Bangladesh Embassy
No. 11B Thanlwin Road.
in Yangon
Embassy Cambodian Embassy
No. 25 New University Ave Road.
in Yangon
Embassy Canadian Embassy
The Australian Embassy can provide assistance.
in Yangon
Embassy Chinese Embassy
No. 1, Pyidaungsu Yeiktha Road, is a clearly visible building with red paint.
in Yangon
Embassy French Embassy
No. 1, 102 Pyidaungsu Yeiktha Road, is near the outskirts of the city.
in Yangon
Embassy German Embassy
No. 32, Natmauk Road, is near the Kandawgyi Lake.
in Yangon
Embassy Indian Embassy
No. 545-547 Merchant Street.
in Yangon
Embassy Indonesian Embassy
No. 100 Pyidaungsu Yeiktha Road.
in Yangon
Embassy Israeli Embassy
No. 15 Kabaung Road.
in Yangon
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