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Travel Guide > Asia > Indonesia > Kalimantan Timur > Balikpapan

Balikpapan Travel Guide

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Balikpapan is a city in East Kalimantan. Balikpapan is a major headquarters for international oil companies operating out of eastern Kalimantan. It is a relatively clean, small city, with clear blue skies but not much by way of nightlife.Traffic does not yet inhibit travel within the city but is increasing by the day as relatively high living standards help to support a sea of small motor cycles. The people there are a mix, with lots of Javanese due to transmigration, lots of people from Sulawesi, and of course, the locals. The people are quiet and polite, and the pace is slow and relaxed. But be warned: Balikpapan suffers from frequent blackouts, averaging two or three times a week for four to eight hours each time. Unless you like sweltering in tropical heat in utter darkness, make sure your accommodation has a generator.

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